Shoemaker Handmade Shoes England

How we got here.

Based in Sheffield, Noble & Wylie make sustainable footwear for the ethical conscious consumer. With a strong environmental conscience, core design values, and wealth of experience, founder and shoemaker Kenneth runs a workshop true to his ethics. His focus is on crafting beautiful, desirable footwear from high quality materials, that are fully repairable and truly made to last.

After graduating in Fashion Design from Edinburgh College of Art, Kenneth has spent the last 16 years specialising in garment and product development, sourcing British and Irish materials, and supporting local manufacturing. 

In response to the widespread culture of consumerism and waste in the fashion industry, longevity of product, quality materials and repairability have been defined throughout Kenneth’s career. In 2016 he began working with a well established Sheffield shoemaker. Well-loved shoes were frequently brought back to the workshop after ten or fifteen years of use to be resoled, reconditioned and their life renewed once more. Impressed by the longevity of the products and the satisfaction and appreciation of their owners, Kenneth took over the workshop in 2017.

Noble & Wylie is rooted in this rich heritage, bringing the 40 years of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship into its next incarnation.

All footwear is crafted by skilled hands, using artisanal practices and methods utilising the traditional stitchdown construction.

Designs are refined for a modern utilitarian aesthetic with a gentle nod to the historic vintage styles of the British workshop. There is a strong focus on natural fit for each individual customer, ensuring wearability and ageless functionality.