Fen Boot

Fen Boot


The Fen Boot has a minimalist, raw aesthetic with hand-stitched detailing. Unlined and unhindered by metal components, Fen boot promotes the true nature of its materials. Finished with a lightweight Vibram Clivia wedge sole as standard.

Designed to be freeing and comfortable, the leather will adapt to your foot shape and you’ll be best of old friends in no time.

Made to Last.

Toe shape - Almond.

Handmade by Kenneth, in Sheffield.

Leather Samples on final image, in order left to right:

Black Montana, Fodder CC, Navy Montana, Purple Heather CC, Red CC, Turquoise CC, Swimming Pool Blue.

For additional sizes, colours and soling options, please get in touch before placing an order, we will happily discuss options with you.

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