Vegan Eco-Lorica

Vegan Eco-Lorica


Here you can add your preferred colour of Vegan leather to your basket.

The workshop stocks a small range of Eco-Lorica™, a vegan leather-like material originally developed for Japanese fishermen, it is now manufactured in Italy. This material is extremely durable, breathable, performs as well as leather in lifespan and is suitable for most styles produced.

We’ve been using Lorica in our workshop since the 80’s and it has stood the test of time, proving to be just as robust as leather.

When choosing your footwear, please select ‘Vegan’ from the drop down colour menu. Then on this page select your preferred colour option from the drop down menu, adding both to your basket. You’re done.

Colours in first image, left to right:
Black, Brown, Mushroom, Navy, Forest, Purple, Red.

To request samples please contact Kenneth.

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