Carpenter Sandal

Carpenter Sandal


The Carpenter Sandal is designed to ‘free the foot’ and connect you with nature and the world around.

Developed to be flexible and light, with a minimal, clean aesthetic and low profile, the sandal utilises fine quality leathers, is fully width adjustable with two buckle closures, and is built on a slim 4mm sole with a 4mm heel to toe drop as standard.

 But it is more than that. It is a way of wearing your politics on your feet. 

This sandal is the Noble & Wylie re-making of the original sandals first designed and made in 1892 by socialist, writer, poet and activist Edward Carpenter.

It has evolved through a project working with Sheffield-based artist Yuen Fong Ling, exploring the life and works of Carpenter and his lasting impact on our city which he called home, and beyond.

For every 10 pairs of sandals made, a pair will be gifted to a deserving activist. Know someone who you think should get a pair? please get in touch.

As with all my handmade footwear, these are made to be fully resolable and repairable, truly designed to last. 

If you would like me to make any custom alterations to the uppers or sole, please just ask. 

Toe shape - squared Almond.

Handcrafted by Kenneth, in Sheffield, England.

Leather Samples on final image, in order left to right:

Black Ink, Urbanite Grey, Fodder CC, Sioux, Burgundy, Purple Heather CC, Turquoise CC, Off White.

For additional sizes, veg-tan leathers and other soling options, please get in touch before placing an order, I will happily discuss options with you.

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