Veg-Tan Leather

Veg-Tan Leather

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Here you can add your preferred hand-dyed Vegetable Tanned leather choice to your basket.

Kenneth offers a hand-dyed, vegetable tanned leather option, available Custom Order in most styles. This leather has gone through a very traditional, naturally chrome-free tanning process using tree bark and other vegetable matter. It is then hand dyed by Kenneth in the workshop, cut, stitched, soaked, lasted and finished, creating your own one-off pair of shoes.

Through this process the character of the leather evolves. There is no even surface, instead a patina develops, with pools of dark and light spots, exposing marks of the leathers story and the story of its journey to get to you. Crisp on completion, the leather requires breaking in gradually. Like your favourite pair of selvedge indigo jeans, these will age with time, develop to your foots shape and the colour and patina will continue to evolve. Soon, you’ll be best of old friends.


Hand dyed - Veg-Tan Leather is charged by category:

Sandals + £20, Shoes +£30, Boots +£40.

Undyed ‘Natural’ leather is +£5.

If you would like your shoes made in Veg-Tan leather, please select the colour preference on this page and add it to your basket. Then in the footwear style select your size, then ‘Veg-Tan’ as the colour option. If ‘Veg-Tan’ is not available in the drop down colour menu, please contact the workshop first.

As all hand-dyed leather orders would be made specifically to your requirement they are classed as Custom Orders, and would not be refundable should you want to return them. Although of course every care will have been taken to ensure you have a great pair of shoes, made to be cherished, matching the specification you will have provided!

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