Making a Foot Drawing


You will need: Two sheets of A4 paper (one for each foot), a sharp pencil, a dressmakers tape measure (measurements must be in millimeters), and a helper.

Wear the socks you intend to wear with your new shoes.


Stand naturally with one foot on each piece of paper on a hard surface, your weight distributed evenly between your feet, toes relaxed.


Ask your helper to draw round both feet using a sharp pencil. KEEP THE PENCIL UPRIGHT AT ALL TIMES, especially at the heel and toe.



Lift your toes up off the paper and ask your helper to slip the tape measure under each foot in turn to take a measurement around your feet.


Measure all the way around the foot at the widest part (from the big toe joint to the protruding joint behind the little toe joint). Before removing the tape, mark its position and the dimension in mm on the foot drawings.



Please add your name and contact number to the sheets, state your usual shoe size, and let us know about any difficulties you usually have when buying shoes, e.g. narrow heels. Please say if you have had shoes from our Sheffield workshop before, as you will be on file.


You can now post the drawings to Noble & Wylie, 221 School road, Sheffield S10 1GN or email scans of your foot drawing to us, as jpegs or pdfs.

Electronic images can occasionally be distorted, and so to guarantee that the drawing is accurate when we receive it, please draw a vertical and horizontal line on each foot drawing. Make and label, the longer line 20 cm and the shorter one 15 cm, as shown below.


We can only accept files from you done in this manner and are unable to accept photos.

You’re done, phew. Thank you and your helper for taking the time to do this correctly, it really does matter.